Backend Installation

1. Where is Backend Folder?

After you download the zip file from Codecanyon. Please take a look under "BrandPeak Backend". There is the backend folder which is your project name. For eg; BrandPeak etc. 

2. Upload to public_html 

You need to upload BrandPeack Backend folder to your public_html folder on your server. For eg, It would be like this public_html\folder_name and unzip the file.

If you have the plan for the frontend website also then please upload like this or because your frontend files and folders need to upload under the main domain{frontend index}


Create a Database

You need to create the database on your server. After you log in to cPanel then you search for MySQL Then you choose MySQL Databases

1. You need to create the database.

2. Create a User For the Database

After creating the database, you still need to create the user to access that database.

Note: You need to make sure to give full grants or permission for that created user. You just need to select all checkboxes.


Open Installation Wizard

If you have all requirements on your server so the system will redirect you to the install wizard page.

Installation Wizard Url e.g.

Step 1: Verify Purchase

The next step is Envato buyer purchase verification. In this step, the user must provide an Envato username and Envato purchase code

Step 2: Database Settings

In this step, the user must provide the database name, username, password, and hostname(default: localhost.)

After filling, in the database details click the Continue button

When database import is complete you will redirect to Admin Login

Default Admin Login
Pass: password

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