How To Create Digital Ocean Space?

1. Login / Register in Digital Ocean

2. Create a Project 

3. Enter Your Project Details then Hit Create Project and Move Resource Skip Now

4. Click On Create And Select Space

5. Enter Your Space Details

  1. Select Region Singapore 1 (SGP1)
  2. Enter Your Space Name
  3. Select Your Project
  4. Create Space Bucket

6. Create DigitalOcean Key

  1. Go to API->Space Keys
  2. Click Generate New Key
  3. Enter Key Name 
  4. Click Save
  5. Copy Your Key And Secret

7. Fill Your Detail in Admin Panel

  • Select Storage (Digital Ocean)
  • Enter the Details

DigitalOcean Bucket Region: sgp1


DigitalOcean Endpoint:

Then Save Your Details.

*Now Check if Your Detail is Right or Wrong, Upload One Test Image and test

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