How To Update Android App ?

1. First Open the Update Project Code in Android Studio

  1. Where is the project?
    After you download it from Codecanyon, there is the project source code at "BrandPeak_Android".
  2. How to Open a Project
    Open Android Studio > Open an Existing Android Studio Project > Select Your Project build.gradle file > ok

  3. Select Project


2. Now Change Your Package Name and Set Your JSON file

How To Change Package Name?

- Replace JSON file in Android Studio

3. Change Your Data (Like Name, Icon, Colors, etc)

- Change Your Logo (Click Here)

- Change App Colors (Click Here)

- Change Splash Screen & Other (Click Here)

- Enter your AdMob App id inside "admob_app_id" string tag:
<string name="admob_id">Your Admob App Id</string>

- Change One Signal App Id in Android Studio

  • Open Android Studio > App > com > example > brandpeak >
  • Enter your Onesignal App id inside "onesignal_app_id"
    private static final String ONESIGNAL_APP_ID = "onesignal_app_id";

4. Set Server URL

  • Select Project > java >com > example > brandpeak >

  • Open file

  • Now if your Sever is so your server URL will be

5. Generate Sign Bundle

(Click Here)

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