Payment Processors

To enable any of the payment processors, an Extended license is required. The payment processors can be enabled from

Admin->Settings->Payment Setting.


  • Login into your Stripe account.
  • From the menu bar, go to the Developers section of the Stripe dashboard and click on API Keys.
  • Copy the Strip key and Secret key in Admin->Settings->Payment Setting->Stripe.


  • Login into your Razorpay account.
  • From the menu bar, go to the Settings section of the Razorpay dashboard and click on API Keys.
  • Click on Generate key button.
  • Copy the Key ID and Key secret in Admin->Settings->Payment Setting->Razorpay.

Offline payments

The offline payments integration gives your users the ability to pay offline (bank transfer, for example), give you proof of payment, and receive what the customer paid for when the payment is approved.

  1. As an admin, you can enable the offline payments system from the Admin -> Settings -> Offline payment tab.
  2. In the Instructions field, you can write details for the user on where to send an offline payment.
  3. The customer will have the ability to choose the offline payment method when checking out.
  4. The customer will see the Instructions for the payment and also be required to upload proof of payment.
  5. When the customer checks out, the admin will need to go to the Admin -> Transactions and review the proof of purchase and then, approve it.
  6. After the approval, the customer will get the plan that was chosen
  7. If the proof of payment is not correct and the payment is fake, simply delete the payment from the list.

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